Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Three Week Later.

Sister Broyles is in the field... so excited for her.  Wow!  the time has gone so fast.

Towards the end of her stay in the MTC, it seemed like she was getting the hang of missionary work. It's all about studying and role playing, to help prepare for the missionary work, but she was liking it. She even was able to teach someone who was interested in learning about the church.

She loved the missionaries she was together with, they were loads of fun... and grew to love her companion way more as time went by.  Working as a team is the main goal and ironing out the glitches makes it a better companionship and experience.

The Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Allred, sent us an email to inform us of Sister Broyles safe arrival and sent some images of her with too.  Some orientation, interviews, training and getting to know one another took place.  President Allred said, " It is our goal to help each missionary reach her full potential and “Go Forward With Zeal” in accomplishing the Lord’s work..  
She spent the night in the mission home, had the first meal with the President and his wife.  Then the next day she was sent to her first assigned area... Hyrum!  Couldn't be more stoked...

Her Preparation Day - P Day's - are on Mondays in the Logan Utah Mission, but because she was transferred from the MTC to Logan, on last Monday, she didn't have a chance to email me...but hearing from the President of her arrival and well being makes me happy too.... and I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of sending an email with images!

Arriving into Logan. June 20, 2016. 

The Mission President, his wife, the assistance, 
and fellow missionary colleges in front 
of the Logan Temple. June 20, 2016.

Seems so strange, as we were just there a few weeks ago!

President and Sister Allred with Sister Broyles.
June 20, 2016.

Check out her name tag!  
(not to mention the hair!!)
It's great to see her blossom.
June 20, 2016.

A member sent this to me via TXTing.  
Sister Broyles first day in the field, with 
her trainer, Sister Harmon, out doing their work!
June 21, 2016.

Farewell dinner with the family in Omaha.

Andy, Rachel and Dad.

We stopped off at Vedauwoo, WY.  It is so beautiful here.

Drove past the Teton on the WY side.

Rexburg ID Temple at night.

Mesa Falls just outside of Rexburg ID.

The girls and me.

Baby shower for Sydney.. see how cute she is?

Utah Logan Mission boundaries... 

Logan UT Temple - in my mission boundaries.

Esther, Rachel and me.

Brigham City Temple UT - also in my mission boundaries.

Selfie moment in front of the temple.

"This Is The Place" monument in Salt Lake City UT.

 Going to ride the horse... Cinderella! 

Provo Temple, UT at night.

Provo City Central Temple selfie moment!

Prove City Central Temple, UT.  
If you haven't heard about the story behind this building

Salt Lake City Temple, UT.

At the Mission Training Center... so excited to be here!

Last photo with mom.

Last picture before going in.

Rachel was set a-part as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Sunday, May 22, 2016.  She was called to serve in the Utah Logan Mission for 18 months.  She was due to arrive at the Provo Mission Training Center June 1, 2016.

We had a farewell dinner with her dad and older brother before she left Omaha, NE.

The next day we headed out to Rexburg, Idaho  with her youngest sister and myself.  We went to visit her two older 2 sisters, whom she hadn't seen for 18 months because she just graduated from Oregon Coast Culinary Institute.  She spent 12 in Oregon going to school, and 6 months in Houston Texas, fulfilling a 6 month internship at the Woodlands Country Golf Club... the Jack Nichols Signature golf course, I might add.  

We stayed in Rexburg for a week. Her oldest sister is having a baby in August - we were able to attend her baby shower.  She is and will be a cute momma.  Rachel was so glad to be able to see her sisters before entering the MTC... we did a bit of catching up, playing games and was also able to complete all my packing.

I have been Rachel's companion the whole time I lived with her in Texas, and it only seemed fitting to continue with this responsibly now that she was officially set a-part as a missionary... we teased each other a lot, saying we will be so glad to be rid of each other... but only to make it easier to say goodbye in the end... I have really enjoyed hanging out with her these last 10 months.  I will never have that chance again.

On the way to Salt Lakes City, Ut... we drove through Logan - Cache Valley, UT.  This is where Sister Broyles will be serving her mission.  It is so pretty.  Sister Broyles felt the city of Logan was not so overwhelming, as it is not as vast as the City of Salt Lake.  She felt that this will be a wonderful place to serve.  as we travelled around, we kept hearing wonderful things about the location, the people and the church.  she was super excited.

We stopped at some of the temple along the way.  We stayed in Salt lake for 2 days and finally entered the MTC on the first of June... Sister Broyles was sooooo excited.. We didn't have time for tears.. with all the host missionaries waiting for our arrival, there was such a spirit of enthusiasm and excitement,  she just wanted to go in and start this journey.

Today, Wednesday, June 8, 2016, was the first time Sister Broyles was in touch with family.
She didn't send too much information, just short and sweet for now.

She said that her companion is not used to being away from home... so she is writing a book to her family about her experience thus far... "but me"?   she said, "Well, I keep it simple, though I miss home and such, I am happy to be where I am at and know I will see everyone soon enough".

We did chat for a bit here are some of the emails she sent me..

-Loving it!

-I love the MTC - it's like college but a missionary college.

-I love the Sisters and Elders I am with, we are a nice family.

-Out of the 11 of us, 7 of us are going to Logan.

Thank you for your support.